A unique setting in the south east of Mallorca known for its Ibizan-style white houses and pine surroundings.

Maria C. Pons Monserrat

Our municipality opens the doors to you with this new portal so that you can know, through the network, the heart of Cala d'Or, its beaches, coves and corners that give it a natural and incomparable value and that make it a magnificent place to live, to rest or simply to spend the holidays.

This virtual space will allow us to get closer to history, customs, culture and everything that gives us identity as a town, but as a novelty, it will also allow us to contact all the hotels in Cala d'Or. I want to welcome all those people who have decided to approach the reality of our municipality through this electronic window and I want to remember that we are a proud municipality of what is our own, but at the same time open to the outside.

For this reason, our future project focuses on improving and installing new communication technologies and on the development of new services that meet the needs of each and every one of the inhabitants and visitors of the municipality of Santanyí and More specifically the center of Cala d'Or.

Finally, I would like to invite you to visit our village, but also to follow from these pages all the initiatives that will enable us to achieve the future challenges that will make Santanyí a leading municipality and Cala d'Or in a destination of the highest quality.
The Mayor
Maria C. Pons Monserrat

In Cala d’Or you can also enjoy a magical night stroll on the seafront, as well as the great variety of night activities to be found: night shows, performances and much more. On the other hand, in Santanyí and other charming villages close by, there are local celebrations during the whole year. Come and enjoy the best paradise of all, Cala d’Or.

Cala d’Or

Old photographs of Cala d’Or

Discover how Cala d’Or has preserved the wonderful charm of this historical Mediterranean town and enjoy it's unbelievable beauty

A history you will fall in love with

While keeping in mind the tourist’s comfort and adaptation on the island of Mallorca, an area was created to reflect the Ibizan atmosphere during the summer in the wonderful town of Santanyí. During the construction, they wanted to preserve the charm of its history. This is how Cala d’Or is preserved, together with nature’s surroundings.