There are places, such as Portopetro, that have a soul. It is not just a charming harbour, Portopetro combines its modern charm with its passionate history.

The stone harbour

There are many legends and theories about where its name comes from. The most accepted one by historians is the one which has to do with ‘the stone harbour’. The stone in Santanyí were very popular because of its excellent quality, and the boats that carried this stone sailed from this harbour to other national and European harbours.It has been the Santanyí harbour since the Middle Ages. If it could talk, it would tell us hundreds of stories. The chronicles say that Portopetro served as a refuge when strong storms lashed against the ships, and it managed to hold up to one hundred galleys.At the beginning of the 20th century, fishermen started to live by the harbour with their families and, fifty years later, with the tourist boom on the island, Portopetro started to take the shape it has today.Now, Portopetro is a peaceful and quiet place well worth a visit, very far from the hustle and bustle that took place centuries ago.


Portopetro in pictures