Less than an hour from Mallorca, the Cabrera Archipelago has the best example of unaltered island ecosystems of the Spanish Mediterranean.

The best preserved sea bed in our coast.

Visiting the Cabrera Archipelago is arriving at a corner of the world completely untouched by society. Made up of Cabrera, the largest island, the island of Conills and about 15 other smaller islands, this Natural Park is one of the most precious treasures of the Mediterranean. On its spectacularly blue sea bed live more than 200 species of fish, sea birds and indigenous species… Cabrera is a paradise of priceless ecologic and natural value. You can get there by boat. They sail every day from Colonia de Sant Jordi and other harbours close by. The trip lasts under an hour and, once you get there, you can go for a guided tour. One of the must see sites in this park is the Cova Blava (blue cave). It is a narrow cave, with a light, temperature and sound that take your breath away. And what is even more surprising: the sea, although with no light, is crystal-blue. Another way of visiting Cabrera without adventuring into the deep blue is to visit the Visitor Centre of the Cabrera National Park, in the Colònia de Sant Jordi: a very interesting museum-aquarium where you can explore Cabrera and its seabed without leaving Mallorca.


Cabrera in pictures