They are a traditional fruit, vegetable, craft and flower markets. Santanyí life at its fullest, all within a single street square.

Santanyí "agora"

The best known market is the one in Santanyí. It takes place twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday. More than 150 stalls with the freshest products of the area set up in the Plaza Mayor of the town and its adjacent streets. What began as a natural way of shopping for the locals, has become a tourist attraction. The number of shopkeepers has not stopped growing in recent years, and with them, the visits of many people from other towns have too.
Among the shouted offers, people in Santanyí meet their neighbours there, catch up, taste, compare ... Many tourists find the ideal gift for their family and friends in these small stands: cheese, sausage, soap, handicrafts, clothing, footwear ... A world of colour and life in which you will love to get lost. Apart from the market of Santanyí there are other more specialised ones, such as the crafts market in Cala Egos and Cala d'Or.

Market hours:

CALA D'OR: Sunday afternoon (Craft)

CALA EGOS: Thursday afternoon (Crafts)

SANTANYÍ: Friday afternoon (Crafts)


The Santanyí markets in pictures