Tourism Offices

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Tourism Offices

  • Tourism Offices

    Perico Pomar, 10, 07660

    Plaza Ibiza, 18 07660 Cala d'Or
    Muelle S/N 07659 Cala Figuera

  • Teléfonos

    Tel. +34 971 657 463

    Tel +34 971 654 943

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How to get to Cala d’Or

  • Airport

    It is under 60 km and will take you about an hour. You must take the Ma-19 road which will lead you to Cala d’Or. On your way, you will go through Llucmajor and Campos. Here you must take Ma-19 to Santanyí and, finally, take the road to Cala d’Or that goes through s’Algueria Blanca.

  • Taxi

    If you decide to take a taxi from the airport it will follow the same route. In about an hour you should reach your destination. The cost of this service is about 70 euros.

  • Bus

    The bus line that takes you from Palma to Campos is number 501 and 515 from Campos to Cala d'Or. You can take this bus from Plaza de España, in the main station. It is approximately 8 euros and you can find the schedule at To get to the airport from Plaza de España you will have to take bus line number 1.